There has been much said regarding lead and its negative effects on the Environment and also Marine Life which comes in contact with it and in some cases ingests it.  A lot of time and effort was put into finding an alternative for the lead in the sinkers and there are some very viable options.  Unfortunately each of these has a cost implication and also in some cases the materials used may affect other expensive products in a typical fishing box and so implementing them needs to be approached with care. 

As a New to World type product we decided to go for the tried and tested lead to introduce the product and if we find the market will accept the added cost, alternative materials will be introduced as required.  As it stands the KLIK Sinkers have some inherent properties that do protect the User, Wildlife and the Environment from the effects of lead.  These are as follows:-

  • The Lead Used is a Very High Quality Australian Product with a Certified Purity of 99.7%.  This Protects the User from Impurities found in the Scrap Seen in Inferior Sinkers that can have any Number of Toxic Products in it.  It also Greatly Reduces the Probability of Lead Leaching into the Environment Because it Hasn’t got any Acids in it which can Allow it to Break Down in Water.
  • Having a Plastic Cover Around the Lead Helps to Isolate it from the Environment and Drastically Reduces Contact with Users and Marine Life
  • Colouring of the Sinkers is Significant in that the Blue Chosen Replicates the Blue of a Blue Bottle Jellyfish.  This was Designed to Dissuade Sea Birds and Other Marine Life from Eating the Sinkers.  This has been Known to Happen and Causes the Animal to become Very Sick or Even Die.