About Us

KLIK Sinkers is a company that has been set up to develop a range of snap on sinkers to help anglers spend more time catching fish and less time changing their tackle. 

Rob Lange (an avid angler) approached F3 Industrial Design with an idea to produce a sinker that could snap on and off a line quickly and easily in a repeatable fashion.  Scot Farley from F3 saw the potential in the idea and a partnership was formed to develop the products and take them to market.

Once all of the hurdles of development had been jumped it was time to find a partner to help distribute the finished articles.  We approached Bruce and Glenn Alvey from Alvey Reels and they undertook some testing of the product through their expert fisherman Rob Duncan.  Rob loved the sinkers and so a partnership for distribution was struck and production began.

The first sinkers went on sale in early December through a select group of local fishing shops in order to test the market and this distribution will expand throughout Australia over the coming months.  The ultimate goal being to distribute the product throughout the world in its various forms.  At present the range has two sizes, a four pack of number 4′s and a two pack of number 8′s to start out with but the intention is to increase the sizes and varieties of sinkers according to what the market requires.

The inventiveness of the sinkers has allowed the technology to be patented and this process is underway internationally with strategically defined countries targeted for cover.