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Boat Fishing

Get in the strike zone - fast

Klik Sinkers are ideally suited to Boat Owners, the ability to clip the sinkers on and off your line dramatically improves your boat fishing experience by offering you complete control over the depth of your terminal tackle.  Whether it be bait, a live bait or even a lure, the ability to add weight (or multiple weights) from the boat while the line is deployed gives you complete, real time control over the depth of your line.

The ability to quickly remove the weights also saves your rods and boat from damage by swinging sinkers when you are underway or in heavy conditions.  No weights on your line also stops rods from becoming tangled together when lines wrap around each other in the rocket launchers.  

Because Klik Sinkers have a protective plastic case they pose no threat to your aluminium boat if they fall into the hull.  The cover isolates the raw lead from the tin and stops galvanic corrosion.




Beach Fishing

Change range and grip easily with Klik

Fishing off the beach (Surf Casting) is one of the most enjoyable types of fishing you can do.  Klik Sinkers allow you to improve on this experience by providing the opportunity to thoroughly explore your patch of surf. 


The ability to add and remove sinkers quickly, means you can add as much or little weight as needed to cast short or send it way out back and land your bait with pinpoint precision.  You can also make sure your bait stays where you need it regardless of the changing sweep and currents by simply adding more weight and increasing your grip.

Getting to the beach in your four wheel drive is part of the fun of Surf Fishing but what isn’t fun is hearing sinkers bash against your panelwork or windows when you hit a rough spot.  Klik Sinkers can be easily removed before you stow your rods, and this stops them damaging your car (protects your rods from strikes too).  

Because you can add and remove the sinkers at will, you can also pre-make your rigs and carry them in a zip lock bag to save time making them on the beach.   Your mates will curse you if they are rigging while you are catching fish.




Rock Fishing

Fish light with nude rigs

Rock fishing is all about immersing yourself in nature and finding that secluded area that no one else knows about.  This can sometimes mean a bit of hiking, exploring and manoeuvring around the rocks and outcrops to get that perfect spot.  The last thing you need is a big tackle box to carry with your already cumbersome rod.


Klik Sinkers allow you to add and remove your sinkers at will.  This means you can pre-make your rigs and carry them in a zip lock bag instead of carrying all the gear needed to make them up every time you get busted off.  Of course changing the sinkers quickly and easily also means you can also adjust the range of your cast to find where the fish are holding, by simply clipping a larger or smaller sinker on.  You can even help to avoid snags by clipping the sinker directly above the hook instead of behind the swivel. 





Control the depth of your lures with Klik

You wouldn’t think there was much place for a running ball sinker when trolling but they are actually incredibly handy in this scenario.  Because they clip onto the line they can be added to the mainline while the rod is deployed.  They will then run down the line to drop the height of a lure and allow you to explore different depths of the water column.  

Klik Sinkers are also very useful if you have a skipping lure.  Instead of retrieving it to swap it out or reducing boat speed, you can simply add a Klik Sinker to the line and it will stabilize the lure.





Kayak & Jetski Fishing

Where versatility is everything

When you are fishing from a Kayak or Jet Ski, space is a rare commodity and efficiency is paramount, you certainly don’t want to be doing any more rigging than necessary on these unsteady platforms.  This is where Klik Sinkers really shine.  You can pre-make all of your rigs and secure them neatly in zip lock bags.  Then with a handful of sinkers you can adjust the weight on your line at will by adding and subtracting different sized sinkers or by using any combination of sizes together.   If a size 10 isn’t quite getting you to the bottom, simply add another sinker to your main line and it will slide down to meet the existing sinker and increase the overall weight.




Kids Fishing/Rigging

Don't spend all day rigging, let them fish

Fishing with children can be one of the most rewarding aspects of angling but you do spend a lot of time re-rigging due to snags and bust-offs.  Klik Sinkers allows adults to enjoy this experience a lot more by removing the need to tie sinkers onto the line.  The kids also have more fun because they can help by clipping the sinkers on and off and they will catch more fish because they have more chance of finding the strike zone.


Who knows, you may even be able to find time to put a speculator out for yourself and secure a fish of your own.

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