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Payment Options? 

For on-line orders payments can be made using all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro). If you want to pay via direct deposit please email your order through and a custom invoice can be created for you. The title of the goods supplied does not pass to the customer from Klik Sinkers until the full amount is paid.

All products listed on are in Australian dollars (AUD) and are listed exclusive of but subject to GST.

Will Klik Sinkers come off when they are cast? 

The clasp on Klik Sinkers is reinforced to withstand even the longest of casts.  It is also highly flexible so even if your sinker is old and has been used hundreds of times you can still flex the clasp over so it gives your that reassuring "KLIK" to let you know it's locked on tight.

What Colours do the Klik Sinkers come in? 

Right now we have "Blue Bottle" BLUE and Glow in the Dark LUMO.  Because we couldn't make the sinkers smaller without the clasps becoming too tricky to open, the size 4 lite versions are a light blue and a light green so you know they are the lighter version of the standard size 4's.

Can I Pick my Order up from your Physical Address? 

Our physical address is an office space and isn't set up for retail sales.  We only sell the promo packs online and have many retail shops stocking the individual tubes so you can refill your packs when you need more.

Are Klik Sinkers Running Sinkers or Fixed? 

Klik Sinkers are primarily designed as running sinkers and will act exactly the same as your standard running ball sinkers aside from the fact that they clip onto your line so you won't have to cut your line or re-tie your knots.  However, if you do want to use them as a fixed sinker the line can be clamped between the two halves of the sinker.

How Secure are my Payment Details? 

Payments are fully PCI DSS compliant, which is the highest information security standard for companies accepting credit card payments.

How Much Does Shipping Cost? 

We use express shipping and charge a flat $15.40 per order.  Shipping for any subsequent pack is free.  For example the shipping for one pack is $15.40, the shipping for two packs is still only $15.40, the shipping for five packs is still only $15.40. 

Where do you Deliver? 

Australia wide.

What is your Returns Policy? 

Should the product not meet a basic level of performance, not perform the intended purpose; or not match the description or sample, we are happy to refund the product. Unfortunately if you change your mind we are unable to refund your money.

Please return the goods to us at Klik Sinkers: Suite 3/602 Wynnum Road, Morningside, Qld 4170 within 7 days of your receiving the goods. Returned goods must be in original condition and include all the original packaging. Unfortunately, shipping and handling costs are not refundable. All refunds will be made in Australian dollars (AUD) and are subject to GST.

Please report any incorrect, missing or damaged items to Klik SInkers on 0414 853 267 within 24 hours of your receiving the delivery. 

Any shipping and insurance cost involved in sending the warranty goods back to Klik Sinkers are to be met by the customer.

What is Your Policy on Warranty Claims? 

All our goods are sold with a warranty to be free from any defects or faults. If you have received goods which you believe to be defective or are faulty then please call on 0414 853 267 or email so we can assess the issue and determine if there is a valid warranty claim.

Faulty goods will be replaced or repaired by Klik Sinkers at our discression. Unfortunately, no refunds can be provided in place of a warranty claim.

If the product is found in any way to be mishandled, modified, tampered with, abused or physically damaged the warranty will be void.

Will the Hinge Break once I've used Klik Sinkers Multiple Times? 

This is something you can be assured won't happen, we have used a very specialized plastic for the outer case and the hinge is designed with a feature that aligns the plastic molecules as the plastic passes through the hinge when it's injection moulded. This makes it incredibly resilient and  each batch of Klik Sinkers is tested on an automatic opener to open and shut 1000 times.

How Long Does it take to Receive my Order? 

The promo packs we sell online are generally sent the next business day (depending on what time we receive the order) in an Australia Post overnight bag.  They can arrive the very next day but Australia Post is not guaranteeing next day delivery at the moment due to the disruptions that the pandemic has caused.  We quote 3-7 days delivery but the vast majority of our customers report receiving their order within one to two days.

Will Klik Sinkers Break if I Drop Them? 

No, not now.  The first time I presented the Klik Sinkers to a potential distributor they dropped them onto the concrete floor and to my horror one split.  As a materials expert I was very embarrassed and found that although I'd tested the impact resistant plastic prior to adding the blue colourant, the molecular structure had changed when the blue was added.  We undertook an exhaustive search for a material that would satisfy our needs and after 25 trials we found a medical grade polymer that could withstand being dropped multiple times on concrete without splitting.  This is a very specialized material but fits all of our requirements and makes the Klik Sinkers incredibly resilient. 


Are Klik Sinkers Environmentally Friendly?

While we can't say that anything foreign going into the ocean is environmentally friendly, as our customers you can rest assured that we have done all we can to provide an economically viable sinker solution that does minimal damage to the environment.  The lead is captured within an environmentally friendly plastic outer.  The surf fishing version of Klik Sinkers is "blue bottle blue" so that sea birds aren't inclined to ingest them.  We made the cases blue because large sea birds have been known to use small round pebbles to help break down the food in their gizzards and we didn't want them mistaking our sinkers for such objects.  The outer case also protects users and oceanic flora and fauna from being contaminated by lead.

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