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  • CONTROL YOUR TERMINAL TACKLE - Add or Remove the WORLD FIRST Klik Sinkers at will with an easy clip on clip off design, never cut your line again when changing weight. The clam shell design even allows you to ADD KLIK SINKERS FROM THE BOAT with your line already deployed. This means you can DYNAMICALLY CONTROL THE DEPTH of your bait while still fishing. Just add more sinkers to quickly explore the water column and FIND THE STRIKE ZONE FAST!
  • STREAMLINED - The less drag you have on your line the deeper your bait will go. Klik Sinkers are the MOST STREAMLINED CLIP ON FISHING SINKER / WEIGHT SYSTEM IN THE WORLD and this allows you to go deep with the minimum number of sinkers. Pro Fishers and Charter Operators will tell you the less tackle you have on the more hook-ups you'll get so using Klik Sinkers converts to more fish so you can OUTFISH YOUR MATES.
  • VERSATILE - Klik Sinkers COME IN FIVE SIZES and can be used on the Boat, off the Beach, for Rock Fishing, estuary fishing and are great for the Kayak or Jet Ski. They can be used to DYNAMICALLY CONTROL THE DEPTH of your dead bait, live baits, trolling lures - even take your soft plastics deeper - not deep enough, just clip on another Klik Sinker and explore the next level down. You never know where a fish will strike or why so adjusting depth at will will certainly IMPROVE YOUR STRIKE RATE!
  • CONVENIENT FLIP WALLET PACK - All the sizes you'll need for the majority of your fishing trips, all contained in a convenient FLIP WALLET and tough, protective packaging tubes. Sizes and Weights Size 4 LITE (10g, 0.35oz) Size 4 (20g, 0.7oz) Size 6 (40g, 1.4oz) Size 8 (60g, 2.1oz) Size 10 (80g, 2.8oz).
  • PROTECTIVE CASE - The protective case isolates the sinker protecting your knots, the user, the environment and your boat, car and rods. Not only does the plastic dampen the blow but because you can remove the sinker so easily it is now posible to travel and store your rods without the sinkers attached. This makes rods far more manageable and stops sinker strikes to your car, boat and rods.

KLIK Sinkers (BLUE) Flip Wallet

GST Included
  • Colour


  • Outer Material


  • Dimensions

    25 x 13 x 6 cm

  • Weight

    1.4 Kilograms


    We are so confident in our product that we offer a guaranteed 100% money back offer if you are not completely happy with the quality or performance of your Klik Sinkers.  Simply send the product back with your contact details and we will refund 100% of your purchase price instantly.

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